• Programs

    LSAT Prep with UCI Law Certificate and College Credit*


    for Students

    • Introduce the program to your pre-law advisor*
    • Study with UCI Law Prep and prepare for the LSAT
    • Receive Certification of Completion


    for LSAT Instructors

    • Become a UCI Law Prep certified LSAT Instructor
    • Co-author the next UCI Law LSAT Publication(s)
    • Authorize and issue Student Certificates


    for Pre-law Advisors

    • Offer Official LSAT Prep designed by UCI Law School  
    • Issue Course Credits to your student(s) 
    • Recommend students to the UCI Law SCALES Program
  • LSAT Prep: Classroom

    The most comprehensive LSAT preparation and law school resources approved by and in partnership with your pre-law advisor

    LSAT Prep: Online

    Don’t let distance keep you from an amazing score! Livestreaming all over the world, every class is a front row seat to a UCI Law Certified LSAT Instructor

  • Certification for Instructors

    Become Eligible to teach UCI Law Prep Classes

  • Resources for Pre-law Advisors

    Partner with UCI Law School

    Elements of Legal Thinking

    Course Credit and Certificate

    Comprehensive LSAT prep course created and taught by UCI Law Prep. Elements of Legal Thinking is designed to prepare students to achieve peak LSAT performance. Structured to be as rigorous and intensive as taking a full-credit college course, this program was made to be delivered in partnership between UCI Law Prep and the Pre-law Advisor.


    Summer College for Assessing Legal Education Skills

    A performance-evaluation-based program for students who wish to get the most comprehensive preview of 1L year. The best way to position yourself for good grades and success during the every important first year of law school.